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Testimonials: Testimonials

Brooke Holland is a therapeutic wizard! She has a true gift for healing bodies, minds and spirits. It's been my privilege to be a regular client of Brooke's for more than five years and I could not imagine my life without her. Brooke is not only knowledgeable, but keenly intuitive -- she always uncovers the issues needing attention. On top of everything else, it's pure joy to be in Brooke's company. If you have the opportunity for a session with Brooke, seize it!


I dont even know where to start when i try to explain what Brooke and craniosacral therapy has done for my baby. My son was born vacuum assist and quickly and from the moment he was put into my arms i could tell something was different then my other two- his body was so so tight. After a few weeks with no change i was so desperate to see him rest comfortably and thats when we were referred to see Brooke and thank god we were because after his first appointment i saw a tremendous difference in my sons body and sense of peace. Things softened immediately. We continued to see Brooke weekly then bi weekly in which every session i was seriously holding back tears of joy watching her work and heal my baby in ways i could of never imagined. She is truly the definition of a healer, and i could never truly put down in words whats shes done for my baby. If you are even debating cst Brooke is your girl, we are eternally grateful for you Brooke


Brooke changed our babies life and restored our families peace. Our son spent the first 8 months of his life crying the majority of the time with no motivation to hit milestones because he was in a constant state of distress. We tried absolutely everything for him and were at a breaking point ourselves. Brooke was recommended to us and there are no words. Not only is her gentle spirit and presence so comforting and safe she is a gifted healer. After our FIRST appointment our sons demeanor completely shifted. He was able to enjoy time playing for the first time. After the second appointment he crawled that day after months of zero progress. After each appointment he has had developmental explosion after explosion. Most importantly he is now happy, silly, joyful, and curious! Brooke has changed our babies life and we are eternally grateful for craniosacral therapy but most importantly her!


Brooke’s work is truly remarkable. When working with her my mind and body literally enter a new into a new state of being/consciousness. I told her if I had all the money in the world I would take her with me to every soccer team I go play for. I am currently recovering from an ACL surgery and the results after working with Brooke prompted the doctor to say it is the fastest recovery in 6 weeks he has ever seen. If you have the opportunity to work with her I believe you will find that her ability to encourage the body to help heal itself is quite amazing. Big thank you Brooke!


Brooke has an extraordinary healing talent. She's worked with me to physically process a challenging premature birth - and with my baby boy to ease some restrictions that were affecting his gross motor and palate development. The immediacy of the effects on baby have been especially astonishing... every major breakthrough he's had physically (reaching, rolling, sitting) has been right after a session with Brooke. It's the most effective intervention we've found to support his healthy development.


Brooke Holland is a rare and gifted individual whose work has literally changed my life. I experience a much more enjoyable quality of life and I see improvements in all areas of my life. Each session is a learning experience for me I've gained the ability to deal with the health and stress challenges of daily life.


My husband is 60 and has had a long history of back surgeries as well as a few back pain/sprain flare-ups that always fixed within a few weeks without surgery. So, when he started with a backache in December of 2020 we waited to see if it would get didn’t. He got worse every month no matter what he or we did. He couldn’t walk the dog, engage with our child at all or do anything really - for 5 months straight. By June 2021 after taking various meds and seeing doctor after doctor he was not able to do anything but lie on the floor all day in excruciating pain. We were just incredulous that after all my husband had been through (cancer, encephalitis and all the back stuff) that a ‘cramped muscle’, according to doctors, was completely destroying his quality of life and literally taking him down in a way nothing before had been able to. With another ‘pain injection procedure’ booked for a few weeks later...we found Brooke!!! After ONE session with Brooke and a few days of recovery after, my husband was not only more animated and hopeful, he was WALKING - for blocks - pain-free!!! With every session his back continued to get better. His strength came back and his attitude has been amazing!! FUN was returned to our family!!! We canceled any more injection treatments as they were no longer needed. Obviously her treatment has worked for not only his back issue but for his whole nervous system, which was also compromised from his bout with encephalitis 15 years prior. We highly recommend Brooke for anyone experiencing severe and unrelenting pain. She will put the magic back into your life! THANK YOU, Brooke!!!


Seeing Brooke is one of the best decisions we made for our daughter. She was diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic disorder and we were told she would likely never crawl, pull to stand or walk. Since we started seeing Brooke a few months ago she is crawling all over the place and pulling to stand constantly. Brooke is kind, gentle and patient. She is so knowledgeable and genuinely wants to help. We are so thankful to have discovered her and look forward to all of our visits!


I have been a client of Brooke Holland for 5 months.Two chronic pain areas are now pain free-a shoulder and a hip that had been painful for a year. My sessions with her are magical.The highlight of my week.


Brooke is one of the best practitioners I've worked with. She was able to intuit and uncover things that others had missed, and is incredibly empathetic in the way that she works through the things that arise in the session. It was clear she was able to integrate multiple practices of therapy and bodywork to create something that was specific and individualized to my experience.


I’ve been working with Brooke for several years. She’s an incredible practitioner that knows the body unbelievably well. Cranial Sacral Therapy has been a lifesaver during my second pregnancy in releasing a lot of deep rooted pain. Her approach is so gentle yet so affective and couldn’t recommend her highly enough. She will continue to play an integral part during my pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. I’m so grateful I found her!


We began taking our daughter to see Brooke just a few months after she was born and sustained a traumatic brain injury due to feto-maternal hemorrhage. Brooke has allowed not only our daughter, but all of us a chance to heal. Brooke is truly tapped in, skilled, and grounded in her practice. I have felt from experience, that she can feel the rhythms and shifts in our bodies through her gentle touch. I have watched my daughter relax in to her sessions, going still with each release. Our daughter is becoming more and more embodied, alert, strong, and most of all so incredibly joyful, despite the trauma she experienced at birth. We truly believe that one of the biggest contributors to this has been Brookes work and her wonderful presence with our family. We have the utmost gratitude for her. She is an exceptional Craniosacral Therapist, and human!


I came to see Brooke with post surgical pain and other issues. If I lightly touched my left temple, it would trigger a headache. After my first session with Brooke, the pain disappeared overnight. The surgery also left me with swelling and constant discomfort against my left eye. In another session, Brooke did lymph draining plus Cranial Sacral work. Now I am not aware of the pressure most of the time and, when I am, it is much lighter than before. Brooke is a very skilled as well as intuitive practitioner. I highly recommend her.


“I saw Brooke after having intense vertigo for several days. Never experiencing vertigo before, I was alarmed to say the least. After my treatment, the vertigo disappeared and I quickly canceled the neurology appointment I had made. Brooke’s passion along with her knowledge and skill make her a top practitioner. I would highly recommend anyone to her care!"


I reached out to Brooke as a last-ditch effort to improve my breastfeeding experience with my second baby, after my first baby’s experience was ended sooner than I’d have liked. I wanted a whole-body approach to help alleviate the severe pain I had breastfeeding my little one. I was at the point where I resented feeding my son, so I called Brooke for an appointment. I paired CST with chiropractic & IBCLC visits & found relief in just a week or two. I appreciated how Brooke’s sessions were calming, educational, & productive. I saw tension release immediately while she worked on him on the bed & while feeding at the breast. I felt incredibly comfortable throughout our sessions. I would recommend Brooke to any mom having trouble breastfeeding. I contribute our success to her help.


Brooke has not only changed my life, but my whole family. All of us are under tremendous stress and we know it..but fail to understand the root cause of issues. This is what makes Brooke different. I'm an athlete who has had severe injuries and the relief Brooke has brought through both education and manual treatment has been everything. My mother and brothers have not only seen short-term relief, but lasting relief that makes me think I just wish we could have found Brooke sooner. Thank you for all that you do to keep us all as healthy as possible, Brooke!


We came to Brooke in hopes of getting our 3 year old son relief from chronic ear and sinus infections. She was amazing with our son and and as a bonus the therapy worked. Within hours our sons sinus passages cleared and he has not complained about his ears in 3 weeks. We are grateful to have found Brook and so ecstatic her touch was able to help our son.


Listen, I was having the strangest foot & radiating leg pain that a chiropractor & acupuncturist couldn’t fix or even make better. It was extremely uncomfortable. Brooke took the time to really hear what I was feeling, and after two sessions, it was GONE. It’s been months and the pain hasn’t returned. She is a true healer, I highly recommend. Thanks again Brooke!


Wow, how can I best describe my amazing visits with Brooke? Let me start by letting you know that I have been in the healing arts for over 20 years and I have had a lot of bodywork, good and bad. I have to be totally honest here, Brooke’s skill level, intuition, presence and attention to detail, rocked my world! She is a master at her craft and I am so blessed to have found her. Transformation, is the word that best describes my experience, working with Brooke. If your looking to really get in and heal from whatever it is your body is holding onto, this is the person you want to work with. Your healing journey will be so much more accessible and the transformation more attainable in her table! Her approach is gentle, nurturing, loving and incredibly powerful. I wish you the best in your journey and hope this bit of insight helps you to take a step towards higher healing potential!


This is your Testimonial quote. Use this space to share Brooke is a true healer. She is more magician than health practitioner. She has amazing intuition about what is going on with the body and I so look forward to each and every session with Brooke. She's amazing.’ reviews about you, your services and exciting success stories. Get your visitors excited to work with you!


Brooke’s work is so important and inspiring. I came to the session not knowing much about the process of craniosacral work and left enamored. The client really dictates what part of you the session will work on and for me, it quickly became clear that I needed help unclogging some emotional storage. There were 2 or 3 times I was both weeping and laughing at the same time just being released through Brooke’s work. Such a special experience. Thank you Brooke!


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