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Brooke Holland CST-T, CMT

My passion for hands-on healing began after volunteering for a birth clinic in Indonesia. This experience, coupled with my own healing journey, became the catalyst for my interest in medicine and the world of health and wellness.  Thinking I would pursue a career as an OBGYN, I apprenticed with an osteopathic physician at a medical center in Los Angeles for three years while enrolled in a pre-med program.  This experience laid the groundwork for my allopathic understanding of the body for which a subtler awareness is built. 

I first discovered Craniosacral Therapy (CST) during my apprenticeship at the medical center.  I watched as patients with complex pathologies seemed to miraculously heal.  This was the first time I witnessed the inseparable nature of our physical, mental and emotional selves.  Something about Craniosacral Therapy spoke to me. At first I struggled to understand how such a light touch modality could invite such profound physiological change, however after receiving my first session and experiencing the benefits myself, my curiosity was hooked. 

I took a huge leap of face and withdrew my application to med school and dedicated myself to this work.  While changing course so radically was a terrifying decision to make, it was in complete alignment with my heart.  The years I spent studying was invaluable as it is this strong academic foundation for which my intuition and technical skill is supported.  

I love this work and enjoy collaborating with physicians, chiropractors, dentists, and other health practitioners to support the overall wellbeing of my clients. 

While not working I enjoy writing, teaching workshops, hiking and ocean swimming.

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