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What to Expect During a Session

Ages 0-2 years

On our first visit I will ask questions about your pregnancy, birth, and your child's symptoms and habits. I observe your child and make visual assessments on symmetry, mobility, and patterns.  First and foremost our first session is about establishing trust and safety.  This work is child-led, meaning that we follow where and how a child likes to be treated.  

The hands-on portion will take place either in a parents lap or on a comfortable massage table, usually a combination of the two.   If your child needs to breastfeed during a session that can also be a helpful assessment tool and a comfortable position for baby to be treated as well.

Sometimes babies need breaks or a diaper change, this is part of the flow of the session and we address needs as they arise.

All babies respond uniquely to treatment, however I find most infants feel deeply relaxed or calmly alert while the session takes place.  Occasionally babies can be fussy and upset depending on their level of tension and I never push babies past their limits of comfort.

I often recommend a 45 minute initial session and then booking two or three 30 minutes follow up sessions.

Ages 3-12

All sessions with children are child-led, meaning each treatment is tailored uniquely to a child's individual needs and disposition. I most commonly treat children while they are sitting or lying on the table however on occasion you can find me following a toddler around the room or even treating underneath the massage table.  I treat however a child feels most safe, for it is their sense of safety that is a precursor to healing and nervous system regulation.   I offer an assortment of toys and fidgets that allow their minds to be engaged while staying both calm and focused.  It is common for kids to feel relaxed and even a little sleepy as their nervous system begins to down regulate (a state of rest and digest). 

I often recommend a 45 minute initial session and then booking two or three 30 minutes follow up sessions.

Infants and Children: Services

What CST can support:

Accidents & Physical Trauma

Atlas / Occiput Compression



Behavioral Problems

Birth Trauma 

Breastfeeding Challenges

Cerebral Palsy


Developmental Delays

Gastrointestinal Disturbances 

General tension and fussiness

Ear Infections 

Eustachian Tube Problems 

Feeding / Suckling & Swallowing Difficulties 

Gastrointestinal Disturbances 

General tension and fussiness

Headaches and Migraines

Head Banging / Pulling of the Hair


Inconsolable Crying

Occlusion & Dental Problems

Orthopedic Conditions



Sinus & Breathing Problems

Sleep Disorders


Tongue and Lip Ties


Traumatic Brain Injury


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