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Sleepy Baby


What to Expect During a Session

On our first visit I will ask questions about your pregnancy, birth, and your child's symptoms and habits. I observe your child and make visual assessments on symmetry, mobility, and patterns.  First and foremost our first session is about establishing trust and safety.  This work is child-led, meaning that we follow where and how a child likes to be treated.  

For children between ages 0-2 years old, the hands-on portion will take place either in a parents lap or on a comfortable massage table, usually a combination of the two.   If your child needs to breastfeed during a session that can also be a helpful assessment tool and a comfortable position for baby to be treated as well.

All babies respond uniquely to treatment, however I find most infants feel deeply relaxed or calmly alert while the session takes place.  Occasionally babies can be fussy and upset depending on their level of tension and I never push babies past their limits of comfort.  

For ages 3-9 I treat children while they are sitting or lying on the table.   I offer an assortment of toys and fidgets that allow their minds to be engaged while staying both calm and focused.  It is common for kids to feel relaxed and even a little sleepy as their nervous system begins to down regulate (a state of rest and digest).   

Session are 30 or 45 mins long, which is plenty of time for effective treatment.  

The inner wisdom of a fetus and infant are every bit as intelligent as that of an adult. It knows what it’s body needs to correct it’s dysfunctions.  It knows why those dysfunctions are present.  It has a softer voice than the adult inner wisdom.”  - John E Upledger, D.O., O.M.M. 

“A person’s a person no matter how small.”  - Dr. Seuss 

Pediatric and Infants: Services

What CST can address:

Accidents & Physical Trauma
Atlas / Occiput Compression
Behavioral Problems
Birth Trauma 
Cerebral Palsy
Developmental Delays
Down Syndrome
Gastrointestinal Disturbances 
Ear Infections 
Eustachian Tube Problems 
Feeding / Suckling & Swallowing Difficulties 
Headaches and Migraines
Head Banging / Pulling of the Hair
Inconsolable Crying
Occlusion & Dental Problems
Orthopedic Conditions
Sinus & Breathing Problems
Sleep Disorders

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